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My blog features beautiful humans of every shape, size, race, gender-presentation, sexuality...and more. This is the place where I get to celebrate them and tell their stories.


Kelly and Michael

You know,
I don't even care how I look.

Kelly commented, when I said she looked beautiful.
Which, of course, made her ludicrously, effortlessly stunning
in her simple white dress
that she pulled on
by herself
in the bathroom
by herself
after steaming it
while taking a few moments
to herself.


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Susan and Janine: A Homegrown Wedding

"Have you ever done a wedding held in someone's house? Is this ever done?" Janine asked me (with a slight tone of worry) as we Skyped a few months before their wedding.

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Business and Politics

I believe that choosing comfortable silence in these times is the mark of irresponsibility, selfishness and complacency.  This post is a simple one. It's to clarify where I stand - as an artist, a business owner, a citizen and a person.

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Lindsay and Richard: Doing Joy Their Own Way - an authentic, DIY, doughnut-filled wedding at the Lake Mohawk Country Club

Now, when professional performers get married, things can go one of two ways - they either find it hard to shut down their "performance" side, or they actively work to make sure that their wedding does not feel like another performance in a life of performance-based work. Lindsay and Richard chose that second option.

From celebrating other family members birthdays and anniversaries, to delighting over a handmade paper doughnut topper, these two kept it relaxed and joyful the whole entire time.

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Amy and Greg: A Heartfelt Community Wedding in Charlemont, MA

People are really into "adult-only" weddings these days. After all, kids are disruptive to the "perfect day." They destroy any illusions of perfection. They force us to improvise. They blow through the best-laid plans. They have meltdowns and needs. They giggle, they play. They hang on glass doors wearing their best shirts. They are so...utterly...unabashedly human.

Amy and Greg aren't afraid of human. They didn't want a wedding that felt like a sterile escape from the things that make life full - they wanted one that would celebrate all those things. Community, family, friendship and love.

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