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I believe that choosing silence in these times is the mark of irresponsibility, selfishness and complacency. So I’m going to lay it out for you.

This post is a simple one. It's to clarify where I stand - as an artist, a business owner, a citizen and a person.


There are those that firmly believe that business and politics don't mix. I'm not one of those people. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, so that means putting my business on the line to stand up for what I believe in. That's why nearly everything I post on Facebook is public - I don't believe in hiding what I believe from couples that want to work with me.

My work is rooted in the fabric of humanity: in love, connection, joy, emotion. My work is about advocating for my couples' happiness, values and truths - and capturing images along the way. If you've looked through my site, you know that my people represent a broad spectrum of humanity: Black folk, Brown folk, Multi-ethnic and White folk, LGBT couples, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jewish folks, the Spiritual-but-not-Religious. Interracial couples. Immigrants. Folks that are gender queer, transitioned or transitioning. This is my chosen community. These are the people I commit - not just to photograph - but to love, honor and protect, personally and socially.

On the day of Donald Trump's inauguration, I spent the afternoon creating this piece:

(Mixed media by Meera Mohan-Graham: acrylics and digital)

I believe that choosing to remain silent in these times is the mark of irresponsibility, selfishness and complacency.  So I'm going to lay it out for you:

  • I oppose Donald Trump, his chosen agenda and his administration. He represents the antithesis of American values, and the worst of our society's failures.
  • I support the Movement for Black Lives; Black Lives Matter, and it's high time we start to act like the life of a Black person is as precious as the life of a non-Black person.
  • I photograph, celebrate and love members of the LGBT community - professionally and personally. These lives and marriages are sacred to me. And no person is ever a "mistake."
  • I don't believe that documentation determines a person's worth, or diminishes their right to dream, hope and be treated fairly.
  • I stand up for my Muslim brothers and sisters, whose rights and dignity are violated too often and too easily.
  • I am against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and consider Water Protectors heroes.
  • I believe that the needs of the vulnerable - those living in poverty, children, veterans, refugees, people with disabilities - must always take precedence over the hoarding of personal wealth.
  • I am the proud daughter of immigrants, and the proud graduate of a Women's College. I am not easily silenced.

I hold the line for every single one of the people I'm blessed to work with. I hold the line for people I don't know and will never meet. I even hold the line for people who voted against their own interests and may never realize it. That is what principle means to me.

This is the person behind the lens. This is me. This is my work. This is what I believe and what I will continue to fight for in the coming years. If this sounds good to you, maybe you'll become part of the community of "my people" that I love, laugh with, document, and am blessed to serve in so many, many ways. The human spirit is a beautiful thing, and I look forward to celebrating yours.