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Personal advice - Make space for all your truth

Image shows Meera’s hand holding a colorful card with rainbow watercolors. On the card, she has written: “Make space for all your truth all the time. NO EXCEPTIONS.”

This past weekend I said something to a friend: "Your Truth is never here to hurt you. Your Truth is always here to hold you."
When I talk about Truth, I don't mean it in some external, religious sense. I mean Your Truth - the things you see and understand, in brief moments of clarity. Maybe it's something that comes to you on a walk, or in the shower. Maybe you have a sudden "Oh, shit" flash of insight. Something you need, who you are, what you want or something you need to face. It's always grounded in the things that make you Whole. Who you are. I call these "Clarity Points" and they are some of most important things that drive my life.
Your Truth doesn't care about what you accomplish or who you know or what everyone else thinks. It doesn't worry about the future or have unseen fears. It doesn't worry about inconveniencing you. That's why we find it so scary.

I find that People don't like to look at their own Truths. We *don't* like the unknown or ambiguity; we prefer very reasonable sounding plans that allow us to feel a false sense of certainty. We love the known and our old patterns.

But we ALSO don't like to admit that we're evading Our Truth in order to do we pretend we don't HAVE that Truth. We tamp it down, shove it away, look away from it, or pretend we've never heard it under our silences. We call it names, we write it off.

"Clarity Points" are sacred to me. They're times I know I've heard my Truth clearly, seconds before fear and trepidation and doubt...or worse, yet..."logic"...comes to devour it. I always write down my points, and then let them steer. Right now, it's clear to me that I have to put my newest work into the world even though I'm terrified and every part of me is resisting (it took me 30 minutes to write a SINGLE EMAIL yesterday). I also had a moment of clarity around my need to stop feeling responsible for everyone else's needs.

You don't need to declare Your Truths to the world all the time. Hell, you don't even have to act on them if you're not ready. But you HAVE to make space for them and believe in them; to turn away from parts of your own Truth is to turn away from yourself.

Love you all.