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On Soul Mates - Sam and Tiff

I'm blessed to be married to my soul mate; so it's always an incredible experience to work with others who have also found their soul mates - to see what that's like outside of my own relationship. Sam and Tiff are soul mates.


Those who don’t believe that soul mates are real have simply never found theirs. And that’s ok - although I do wish for everyone to have a chance to meet at least one soul mate in their lifetime, in whatever form that person might take.

A soul mate isn't the "perfect" partner or's a person whose presence somehow grounds you so deeply that your partnership opens you up to new possibilities, to evolution and expansion within yourselves and together.

We bring ourselves - our own personal burdens, struggles and walls - to a soul-partnership, so the manifestation of each is a little different. Tiff and Sam are cultivating one of the most balanced, equal partnerships I've seen in...well...a long time. In them, I see tenderness, strength, vulnerability, unquestioning loyalty, astonishingly open-hearted give-and-take. The freedom to be independent, evolving individuals, while always finding home together. The freedom to be kind, open and loving to other living creatures, the freedom to seek adventures or simply sit still...and find the merit in both. They're old souls, too. Wiser than their collective years.


And so it is that there are things I'm able to offer them...and there are beautiful, eye-opening things they're offering me. I'm doing my best to both give and receive.

This work is the best work. My people are the best people.