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Sunny and Nick

Sunny and Nick love their communities, they love the earth, they love being huge nerds, they love extending kindness to humans and animals, and they love each other. They’re best friends and more. That’s why they decided to have a big, multicultural wedding featuring all their loved ones glamping in the cabins at Cama Beach State Park, on beautiful Camano Island just outside Seattle. Beginning with a morning South Indian Vedic (Hindu) Ceremony, leading to afternoon chai and cake, then off to an evening Vow ceremony, and ending with dancing led by that ever-so-infamous DJ Spotify (and a lovely friend that made sure things ran smoothly on the playlist).

My favorite thing about multicultural, multi-ceremony weddings is the way that communities come together in a genuinely tangible way, the ways that pieces of my couples’ identities are highlighted throughout the day in different ways, and the threads that run through all of it. And I’m of South Indian descent, so when I get to document Indian ceremonies, I also take particular joy in getting to share in the traditions that are so very, very familiar to me. Eliot gets nostalgic, too.

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