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Old wounds in a fresh grief

My grief has emerged in many ways over the past two weeks. Spitting rage. Infinite sadness. Numbness. Laughter. Wonder. Insomnia. Exhaustion. Grief has thrown me to the ground like a rag doll, spun me like a top, and left me with a sense of disorientation even when I seem ok.

But the thing I never expected is the way that grief has reached down and scooped directly from my other open heart-wounds. Wounds from childhood. Wounds from early womanhood. Wounds more recent. Self-inflicted, externally inflicted. Every wound I've buried, ignored, failed to notice, failed to all rising to meet the light, rising to meet ME.

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Personal Advice - The Light is in You

It's been an exceptionally hard few years for anyone that isn't a white, straight Christian. This month, in particular, has been painful for the Queer community, as the United Methodist Church voted to ban gay clergy, and components of the Tr*mp military ban on transgender service members began to go into force. Sometimes, when I feel my chest tightening and fury rising in my throat, I like to look out at the mountains and remember that humans are small.

My beliefs include divinity, in a rather complex form (I'm Hindu, our ancient concept of Ātma is as complex as Time and the Universe itself). So I wanted to write a quick reminder to everyone:

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Personal advice - Make space for all your truth

This past weekend I said something to a friend: "Your Truth is never here to hurt you. Your Truth is always here to hold you."

When I talk about Truth, I don't mean it in some external, religious sense. I mean Your Truth - the things you see and understand, in brief moments of clarity. Maybe it's something that comes to you on a walk, or in the shower. Maybe you have a sudden "Oh, shit" flash of insight. Something you need, who you are, what you want or something you need to face. It's always grounded in the things that make you Whole. Who you are. I call these "Clarity Points" and they are some of most important things that drive my life.

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