Meera Graham Photography
Let's dare to do this sh*t our own way.
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Dig Deeper Sessions

A guided exploration of your relationship, the fun you have, the things you share and your hopes for the future - all facilitated and documented by me. NO posing, ever. These are authentic, candid, documentary photos for real people that really love each other.

Photo Sessions...done differently

 Photo by Meera Graham Photography

Time to do away with the pretentious engagement photos we see all over social media. Bleh! No posing, no forced laughs, none of that hollow crap. I'm actually opposed to posed photos, and will not take part in a process designed to make you feel inadequate.

"...BUT...what the hell are the alternatives?" you ask. No, this doesn't mean you're on your own, trying to "feel natural" in a situation that is ANYTHING BUT NATURAL! (you know...just a random stranger hovering over you holding cameras...)

Listen up: You fell in love with each other because you dared to be yourselves, and to see each other for real. So, what if i told you that I actually facilitate an experience that will bring you right back into that space? that I've spent years dedicated to a technique that invites you to connect, laugh, play and explore...oh, right, and somewhere in there, that I'll be photographing whatever emerges? and What if I promised you that i'm really, really friggin' good at it, that i can take the pressure off and help you bring all the joy?

Oh, yes, my friends. It's a kind of magic called "Moment Design."

Just you wait and see.