Meera Graham Photography
Let's dare to do this sh*t our own way.

Missoula Small Business Photography

Documentary photography for small business owners in the Missoula area. Images that show the Who behind the What.

For my fellow small business owners

Small business owners. We're a different breed. We're the opposite of the sterile, the generic, the standardized. We have quirks (lots), and passions (big ones), and joy (most of the time, anyway) that we bring to life every day.

Yeah, yeah, of course it's about what we do. "I provide a service that blah blah blah blah." But at the heart of it all, our work is really about WHO WE ARE.

That's why I call my sessions "Heart of the Business" -- integrating questionnaires (to get at the deep shit) and lots of laughter and conversation (the fun shit) with documentary photography (my thing), we dig deeply and joyfully into the intersections of who you are and what you do...and ultimately unearth the living, breathing "who" of your business in images that make you proud and happy.

No two sessions are alike...and not everyone's a good match for me! So, first, we talk...and then we see where we want to go from there.

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