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Dig Deeper Sessions

A guided exploration of your relationship, the fun you have, the things you share and your hopes for the future - all facilitated and documented by me. NO posing, ever. These are authentic, candid, documentary photos for real people that really love each other.

The “Dig Deeper” Process -

a revolutionary framework to help you explore who you are and what you believe.

 Photo by Meera Graham Photography

Eliot and I have been present in each others lives, as best friends and more, for nearly 15 years. When we got married, we found that 99% of the time, we were in lock-step together, seemingly without effort - sharing a common worldview, kindness, connection, laughing, laughing and LAUGHING. But that 1% of the time was still hard; sometimes even extra-hard because of how easily we connected otherwise. One of the greatest challenges of our relationship was identifying and addressing all those little under-the-surface things that we never named, that were sometimes even invisible, but that came up now and again. Usually in the middle of an argument, or when external circumstances were especially tough. Sometimes for no reason at all. (Or so it seemed).

Once we figured out some of this shit, EVERYTHING seemed to ease up - and we started to feel truly grounded in the things that feed us.

Designed around this personal experience, and after dozens upon dozens of conversations, explorations and sessions with my past couples, the Dig Deeper process consists of us having four relaxed, humor-filled and honest conversations (which I call “excavations” - because we’re working to unearth and articulate ideas, impressions, and beliefs that may or may not exist beneath the surface) that end in a final in-person photo session, which I customize FOR US, with exercises to help you play hard, express and explore together in an active way.

I facilitate every moment of our time together: you get to relinquish control by allowing me to set the stage for us and guide us forward, but ultimately YOU create what happens, together.

The Dig Deeper Process -

4 Excavations (conversations) and a photo session

excavation #1:
our secret dictionaries
— (defining love, partnership and relationships.)
Excavation #2:
Big Feelings
— (the manifestation of joy, pain, and vulnerability)
Excavation #3:
finding home
— (comfort, safety and love languages)
excavation #4:
The shit we can’t control
— (Spirituality, faith and facing the unknown)
And ::drumroll::
— exercises, delight and person, with meera!