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I'm a QPOC, the daughter of Indian immigrants, an empathic soul and an artist. What I do is about far more than photography. I specialize in the exploration of joy, connection and vulnerability through documentary-style work, and through a facilitated, exploratory technique I use with my couples to help you play harder and dig deeper with me by your side. Together, we explore everything - love, identity, trauma, joy, hope and more. In a world of social media and "perfection," I believe in loving you exactly as you are and helping you do the same for yourself. I'm here for the joy-chasers. I'm here for people that care way more about living life than displaying it, who question the world we live in and who we're meant to be within it. I'm here for the people who lean in to everything, who laugh a little too loudly, and get muddy and dizzy and dirty and joyful. I'm especially here for the intersectional: my fellow POCs, feminists and queer folks. Every life, every here for the honoring.

Meera Graham is a documentary photographer based in Missoula, Montana. I primarily serve Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, but I will travel anywhere in the US if you're one of mine.

Only emotion endures. -Ezra Pound