Meera Graham Photography
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"I want someone to capture the spirit of...

I'm here for the joy-chasers. The folks who aren't interested in carefully posed (BORING) photos of perfectly primped humans (BORING) or other perfect (BORING) things designed to make us feel inadequate about who we are. I'm here for your every day. I'm here for people that care way more about living life than displaying it. I'm here for the people who lean in to everything, who laugh a little too loudly, and get muddy and dizzy and dirty and joyful. I'm especially here for the intersectional: my fellow POCs, feminists and queer folks. Every life, every here for the honoring.

Meera Graham is a documentary photographer based in Missoula, Montana. Serving Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

Only emotion endures. -Ezra Pound