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Engaged Couples - Dig Deeper

Documentary engagement photos for real couples that are best friends, NO POSING, Seattle, Missoula, Montana, Washington, Oregon.

BEFORE your wedding - the Dig Deeper Experience


My People choose to work with me because you’re looking for a different way to approach your wedding - one that centers your identities, your love, your connection, values and other important “intangibles” that can get lost in the stress of planning an event.

ALL my wedding couples join me in something I call the Dig Deeper Experience, which involves conversations, exploration and an interactive, facilitated engagement photo session. It’s included in your wedding package, and is central to your work with me.

Before you read more, here’s a little video to get your heart stirring:

You probably notice that my images are teeming with life, joy and vulnerability. Before our experience, nearly every one of the Couples in this video told me - at some point - that they “don’t photograph well.” They didn’t realize that the only requirement to working with me is to love well. I love the human spirit. I love our resilience, our ability to love deeply and grow profoundly and experience unfettered joy. Our ability to laugh, and give, and receive. I believe that I'm meant to use photography as a vehicle to help humans explore and ultimately experience the incredible depth and beauty of your own spirits.

 Photo by Meera Graham Photography

“I don’t think I ever really understood what it meant to be tender with another person until we were together. Not that I can articulately explain it now, either, but I feel like I can sense my emotions stretching and growing in different ways that I didn’t think were possible. And ‘tender’ is the only way I can think of to describe it.”

| Resi, on their connection to Heather |

I’ve learned that wedding planning can have a way of making us lose touch with what really matters. Anxiety, to-do lists, community pressures, budgets - so many things can get in the way. It’s ironic that weddings often seem to erode the very things they’re meant to celebrate: our sense of connection. My entire focus, as your wedding photographer and ally, is to help you continuously turn inwards - to focus on each other and remain connected throughout the stressful process of planning an event. The Dig Deeper Experience means that in the midst of planning, you have chances to be wholeheartedly present with each other.

I promise you - this approach will transform the way you experience your wedding.

“...and truly the part, which I will never ever forget, was how you...made me feel peaceful, free to think only of our love and helped me be able to be in the moment. And we truly were; we could experience and take in as much as possible. These days with cell phones and constantly striving for the next and documenting the now...we didn’t need to.
...I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve given us.”
— L & R - about their wedding day.

When we find Our Person, they change how we experience everything. They expand our world. It's not about hallmark romance or sweeping soundtracks; it's about the quiet day-to-day, about awakening to our own possibilities, about understanding the things that make us Whole and seeing our own struggles illuminated more clearly. It’s the ways we feel more deeply, explore more boldly, laugh harder and play more often.



The Dig Deeper Experience is rooted in one main belief: when two deeply loving partners commit to being fully present with each other…to dive inward and follow the trail with a sense of curiosity, joy and love…your connection will lead you somewhere incredible.

Through four facilitated conversations and an interactive photo session (NO POSING! It’s full of fun exercises, sharing, exploration and play), we undertake a guided exploration of who you are, what you’ve created together, and what you believe. My People have described this experience from start to finish as anything from a wonderful self-care gift to a full-on transformative shift.

Think about the best dates and shared moments you have - the ones where you’re completely focused on each other, fully engaged, laughing and talking and present. You inevitably walk away from those experiences feeling revitalized, energized and super-connected; THAT’s what we’re intentionally creating together with the Dig Deeper Experience.

My role: I get to be your mirror, your advocate, your facilitator, your friend. I get to be the person that has a chance to show you how beautiful you are exactly as you are now. To help you reflect on the ways you’ve grown, individually and together, and the ways that you shape each other’s journeys. To ensure you’re keeping those things at the center of your wedding planning. To share my own vulnerability with you. And, most importantly, to love you just as you are.

This is how I earn your trust. This lies at root of my ability to capture your story in a way that is true to you. You see - when I’m an advocate for your relationship, my images become a testament to it.

Topic #1:
— (who you are, and how we got here)
Topic #2:
Big Feelings
— (the manifestation of joy, pain, and vulnerability)
Topic #3:
Finding Home
— (comfort, safety and love languages)
Topic #4:
The Shit We Can’t Control
— Spirituality, faith and facing the unknown
And ::drumroll::
— exercises, delight and person, with meera!
“...Over the last several months you have helped to open us even more to our own love and vulnerability. The couple’s session we shared is like nothing we’ve ever experienced. It was so fun, we felt so connected and the images are US. You helped us be US! “
— T & K

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I can’t wait to meet you both.


 Photo by Meera Graham Photography