Meera Graham Photography
Let's dare to do this sh*t our own way.
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My Approach

My Core Philosophies

You are beautiful, precious, sacred and perfect exactly as you are. You are beautiful, precious, sacred and perfect in every unfolding moment. My job is to make sure you know it.

First off, you can learn a lot more about my approach in this APW post. What I do is about far more than photography. I specialize in the exploration of joy, connection and vulnerability through documentary-style work, and through a facilitated, exploratory technique I use with my couples to help you play harder and dig deeper with me by your side. Together, we fearlessly explore everything - love, identity, history, trauma, joy, hope and more. In a world of social media and "perfection," I believe in loving you exactly as you are and helping you do the same for yourself. And when I'm an advocate for your relationship, my photos become a testament to it.

...on photographing weddings

> It's not enough for a photo to look like something. Every photo has to feel like something.

> Your wedding day is just one day. Your marriage is the rest of your lives. Cupcakes, toppers, centerpieces, outfits and the weather? Not my priority, except to make sure those details aren't stressing you out. Celebrating your partnership, hopes, promises, joy, tenderness and all the ones who love you? Sign me up, folks.

> I'm not looking in from the outside. I'm going to be family. I'm going to have your back. Every step of the way, and afterwards, too.

...on photographing you

> I basically think you are perfect just as you are. If you're in the market for someone who wants to pose and airbrush away all the things that make you precious, you clicked the wrong link.

> We're not going to imitate anything you've seen elsewhere, including anyone else you see on my site.* That's a hollow replacement for the real you. We're gonna make real moments, new moments. Let's dare to do this shit our own way, lovelies.

*The only exception - if you want to re-create that horrible 80's wedding photo you found in a family album you can laugh at it forever...I'm all in.

...on building our relationship

When you're safe to be yourself, you'll see yourself.  Your images are a byproduct of my relationship with you and your trust in me.

> To earn your trust, I'm going to have to love you without fear or reservation or expectation. And I'm gonna love you HARD, my friends. That means check-ins and support and advice and endearments, often with no camera in sight. That means meeting you with my heart wide open and inviting you to do the same.

> "Real" takes time, so I make time. Couples Sessions, hours of conversation, email and snail-mail. Meaningful connection.

> Because this: when I'm an advocate for your relationship, my photos become a testament to it.